WOLFGANG Live @ Bay Beats 2011

It’s been almost 10 years since I saw their last show. I think it was at Soup Kitchen or something (way, way back). I’m not ashame to admit that I still have their albums in cassette tapes – Wolfgang (self-titled album), Semenelin and Wurm, unfortunately I don’t have last few albums but will definitely get the latest album – “Villains”. The venue is full of raging fans thirsty of pure Woflgang high-octane heavy metal fuel. The new drummer Francis Aquino proved himself worthy of replacing Wolf Gemora former drummer of the band by showing audience what a true beat master is all about.  At first the the sound is a bit sketchy but they picked-up the pace  after a couple of songs. All-in all I have no complains, it’s what we expect from a Wolfgang performance – heavy and raw . It’s the 2nd time I’ve seen Manuel Legarda shredding his guitar in Singapore but not with Wolfgang, last time is with another hard rocking band “Razorback”. He was introduces as the new lead/rhythm guitar for the band. Every Pinoy (almost) including me knows every words on every Wolfgang song, hearing everyone singing in chorus will give you goosebumps – It takes me back to my late high-school days and early college days. As expected there are lotsa girls everywhere! I guess more than half of the female crowd there has a dog or a kid named “Basti”. O man! (sigh) And every dude want’s to be like good ol’ Basti. His roaring heavy metal voice – a combination of Eddie Veder  & James Hetfeild gives life to the hard guitar riffs of Manuel Legarda, mixed it with pumped-up funky baseline of Mon Legaspi and thunder rolls of Francis Aquino surely Wolfgang is ready to eat you alive like a hungry pack of wolves in a thick forest of doom. Another awesome performance from the Pinoy Gods of Heavy Metal hopefully they will return for a full concert next year.

Wolfgang @ Bay Beats 2011

Wolfgang @ Bay Beats 2011 - August 21, 2011

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