Beauty Of The Not So Obvious

Walkin around Lasalle College of Arts I saw few things that are not very interesting looking on a common point of view. Some some are already interesting in its own right but became more interesting viewed on a different perspective and some static objects can tell us something that is not obvious at first but upon observation a story is revealed.

“Life Saver No.2”

A Dash Of Nostalgia

I’m not a big fan of post-processing but if in need I will do it. In the case of these series I did! I’m curious about the hype of retro style in photos or the plastic lens look but never had the chance to apply it on my own shots, well it looks nice to others (photos) but trying it myself makes a difference. I did love it better than doing HDR. I have nothing agains HDR but some photographers seem to overdo it… In a very weird way. I guess there is no wrong way or right way post-processed or not. Different people, different way/technique of achieving their own style – whatever suits you.

“Lonely Canoe”