Jed + Ayn Wedding Highlights (SDE) and Photos

It was the 10th of June 5:30am in the morning the mighty Sun is about to rise, me and my crew were scheduled to shoot the drone shot and some establishing shots of the church (Presentation of the Child Jesus) at BF Holmes. As soon at we set-up the gear the sky doesn’t seem to agree with us, then as we shot the first few minutes of video it started to rain. I think to myself that this will be a very interesting wedding day. Continue reading

Kailin's Journey

Kailin’s Journey

A simple video of our second baby Kailin’s journey to this world. It took me a while to edit this due a sudden busy schedule, now that it’s finished, I’m glad to share it with you all. Cheers!

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ARES - Flipbykes Video Catalogue

ARESBIKES | Flipbykes Video Catalogue

A simple video catalogue of high quality BMX parts from ARESBIKES (Japan) available at

Film and Edit By: Kris Gironella

“Be My Dude, Mario – Super!”

Prenatal Photography – Jenny and Kae

Prenatal Photography – Baby Kailin’s  First Ultrasound

Me and my wife didn’t know that she’s with child until last December, and it’s already been 3 months. Despite all the very physical photo/video projects that we did together (since September) I was amazed that she and the baby were fine. She also didn’t suspected it ’cause she always had an irregular monthly cycle (I won’t elaborate) and everything seems normal. We already decided what name to give her, Kailin – old Celtic name meaning Keeper of Keys and pure; and Jei – open-mindedness, traveler and one that craves for knowledge (like Mum and Dad), together it’s Kailin Jei  (sounds very Asian, hehe), I guess we’ll just call her Kai for short. We’re all excited to meet the new member of the family. All the routine check-ups show that all vital was A-Okay and we’re just thankful that we’re having a new baby. Hope you enjoy the photos. Can’t wait to see HER. Cheers!

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Alison @ 18 – Preparation Highlights (SDE)

Alison @ 18 - Youtube

Alison @ 18 – Youtube

It is a Filipino tradition to introduce a daughter to the public when she’s coming of age, a tradition that’s still practiced until today. On the Spanish era a “Debut” as we call it is only practiced by the “Alta Sociedad” which translates as high class society, a family will sell all their crops and poultry or even their cow just to make sure that the extravagant “Debut” celebration will push through.

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Product Photography – KHE Bikes Components

KHE Bikes BMX Components (Germany)

KHE Bikes BMX Components (Germany)

KHE Bikes (Germany) is one of the BMX brands I grew up with including big names like Haro, GT, Dyno, SE PK Ripper, Odyssey and Mongoose. Many years ago quality BMX parts were very scarce in my place so I settle for generic, unbranded ones that doesn’t last long in terms of quality and if ever there were branded ones it will definitely be very expensive and my puny high school allowance won’t cut it. Need to really save money or skip lunch to get me a nice shiny pair Alex Rims or an Odyssey RX5 brake levers (remember that?). Anyhow fast forward today, I had the chance to take product shots of KHE Bikes components for Flipbykes BMX Shop with two (2) flash set-up with both having soft boxes. I used the Aurora Dragonfly Octagon shape lightbox, a Rime Lite square softbox  and a thick black paper roll for background. No fancy lighting system here just a very straight-forward easy-to-do CLS set-up. Continue reading


Two Minute Pancake

A boring Sunday afternoon just woke up from a nap and suddenly and urge to make a pancake video? What’s up with that? Maybe just a good opportunity to try my new Kamerar Slider and Dolly (2-in-1) before trying it on something more serious. It’s a good buy for what it can do. Build quality is superb something you wont expect from a China-made product but I can say this is an exception. Kamerar is an American brand (known for video rigs and equipment)  but to make cost a bit lower China is the best way to go and I’m glad they do. Hope you enjoy the short film. Try it on 1080p HD. Cheers!

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Fashion Photo Shoot with Miss Singapore 2009 Pilar Arlando


Pilar was raised in Singapore, but has always had questions about her unique heritage. Her father is of Chinese-Indian descent while her mother is of Portuguese-Indo-Chinese-Dutch descent. Arlando speaks 4 languages, English, Malay, Mandarin (Basic) and Portuguese (Kristang). At the moment, she is also taking up French. She is currently majoring in her Travel, Tourism and Hospitality Management Diploma at the Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).

Miss World Singapore 2009
During the Miss World Singapore pageant, She earned the 2nd Runner Up 2009/10 title; however, due to the furor that arose (credit fraud scandal, bipolar disorder and the infamous mocking of her English language skills by some citizens of Singapore) about the current title holder at that time, Ris Low, she eventually took over her Low’s reign as Miss World Singapore 2009/10. Arlando had also attained a few subsidiary awards during her Miss World Singapore pageant in 2009. Her other titles include: Miss World University Singapore 2009, Miss Personality 2009, Miss Abry 2009, Miss Vitality 2nd Runner Up 2009.
“Rainbow Lady pt.1”
This photo was shot with Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm F2.8 Micro VR.
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Glamour Photography with Ukrainian & Belarus Beauties

Glamour Photography (According to Wiki)

A genre of photography whereby the subjects, usually female, are portrayed in aromantic or sexually alluring way. The subjects may be fully clothed or seminude, but glamour photography stops short of deliberately arousing the viewer and being hardcore pornography.

Glamour photography is generally a composed image of a subject in a still position. The subjects of glamour photography are often professional models, and the photographs are normally intended for commercial use, including mass-produced calendars, pinups and for men’s magazines, such as Playboy; but amateur subjects are also sometimes used, and sometimes the photographs are intended for private and personal use only. Photographers use a combination of cosmetics, lighting and airbrushing techniques to produce an appealing image of the subject.

The Gears

Outdoor photography is not that hard only if there’s enough light and it’s not raining. Well actually it rained a bit but  thank goodness it stopped on the actual shoot. The basic gears to bring aside from my Nikon D700 are speedlights and reflectors. Reflectors are very useful on rendering light to your subject just enough to fill light on the dark shades of the body and face makes a very flattering effect. I always bring my Nikon SB-900 and SB-600 and a portable soft box just in case but most of the time I end up using it for more dramatic lighting. There are many ways to isolate the subject either by light or by depth of field (DOF). The most common in subject isolation is by DOF. You crank the lens aperture to the maximum stop or close between F1.4 – 4.0 – it gives a very good out of focus background. Now this brings us to what lens to use. I always use my Nikon 50mm f1.4G and Nikon 105mm f2.8 Micro VR for this kind of shoot. Some might react why the Nikon 105mm f2.8 Micro VR? It’s obviously for macro photography. People who might ask this were either – 1) They don’t own one; 2) They own one but they haven’t tried portraiture; 3) Just a curious soul. It makes a lot of sense to use this as a great alternative for 85mm (f1.4 or f1.8) or the 135mm f2 DC ’cause you can go very close to the subject for better isolation and if your a fan of “bokeh” this baby delivers a creamy one. I use this lens more often than my Nikon 50mm f1.4G. It’s medium telephoto range gives me an advantage to shoot in a distance giving the model space to do her thing but might be limiting on a very tight area. In this case no problemo ’cause it’s outdoor. I’m not saying the 105mm f2.8 lens is better than the 50mm f1.4G No! It has a different purpose. I use the Nikon 50mm f1.4 for half body shots or full-body shots and use the 105mm f2.8 Micro VR for head shots and close details (like eyes and lips). If you’ll ask me which is the best lens to use I’d say if budget permits – the new Nikon 85mm f1.4G and Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR mark II. That’s all you’ll need for an awesome portrait, glamour and fashion photography unless you own a Hasselblad then that’s a different story.

The Scenario

3 gorgeous ladies in one shoot! What more can I ask for? These ladies can pose, project and having fun while doing it.  Didn’t have the chance to know them well during the shoot but one thing I know about them is they’re full of energy and spirit. Next time they visit Singapore I’ll be there (for sure) to take their photos again.

Audiophile & Sennheiser Product Shot

Note: This is not an official audiophile review but rather a simple sharing of my own hi-fi sound loving experience. To make things a bit interesting I mixed this article with a basic easy-to-do info of product photography. Enjoy reading!!!

Audiophile According to Wiki

An audiophile, from Latin audio”I hear” and Greek philos “loving,” is a hobbyist who seeks high-quality audio reproduction via the use of specialized high-end audio electronics. Audiophiles prefer to listen to music at a quality level that is as close to the original performance as possible using high-fidelity components. These specialized components include turntables, digital-to-analog converters, equalization devices,preamplifiers and amplifiers. Both high quality solid-state and vacuum tube amplifiers are used. The quest for audio perfection can also include horn loudspeakers or electrostatic speakers, power conditioners,subwoofers and acoustic room treatment.

My Audio Experience

I can’t really say I’m an audio junkie (maybe people have their own levels of addictiveness) but I know a thing or two about audio equipments thanks to may dad. He is the real audiophile in the family. He still have his audio equipments form the 80s’ and he listens to music louder than me (for realz). Let’s just say I’m a fan of good quality hi-fi sound system but not as hardcore to the point that I’ll buy audio equipments like turn tables, amps, speakers etc. (but I did buy an amp for my guitar) also because of my lifestyle I can’t manage all those things. Besides I need a bigger place to dump all of that stuff. So I’m referring to portable audio systems with high fidelity sound.  I have quite a library of CDs mostly songs or bands that you don’t usually hear on the radio with music genres including – Hardcore/Punk, Groove, Metalcore, Death, Grindcore, Rapcore, Punk, Ska, Emo, Indie, Energetic (dunno why they call it that), Hard Rock, Trip-hop, Hip-hop, R&B and a long list of genres. All of these are just round silicons with inlay cards and plastic cases without the right sound system and your iPod or MP3 player is as good as paper weight without the right headphones.
What I need to get my audio fix is a good set of headphones. I need my music when doing almost everything specially in my photography (it gives me motivation and inspiration). So what brand should I get to fill up my  sound wave addiction? Monster Beats? Sennheiser? Bose? Audio-Technica? Scullcandy? OK I have my prospects but what about budget? Definitely it’s one of my main concern. I need a hi-fi sounding headphones but my budget is limited. Some of you might think I’m either crazy or a cheapskate or both. Is there such a headset out there that can meet your sound expectations and limited budget? Believe it or not there is – Sennheiser is well-known for their hi-fi headphones, microphones and audio equipments and the good thing is they have a mid-range line-up of good quality hi-fi sound headphones for my active (or sometimes not so active) lifestyle.
The Headphones

"Sennheiser HD 448 - Taken with Nikon D700, Nikkor 16-35mm F4 VR, Nikon SB-900 triggered with Phottix Strato 4-in-1 radio triggers with Rime Lite mini softbox to soften shadows."
“Sennheiser HD 448 – Taken with Nikon D700, Nikkor 16-35mm F4 VR,
Nikon SB-900 triggered with Phottix Strato 4-in-1 radio triggers with
Rime Lite mini softbox to soften shadows.”