Manny Librodo’s Boudoir and Beyond 2014


Manny Librodo’s BOUDOIR & BEYOND SINGAPORE 2014 – Youtube

This photography workshop was the 222nd of Manuel “Manny” Librodo. Imagine how many people he had inspired throughout the years. The press releases and testimonials about him proves that he’s not just an awesome photographer but a people person as well. A cool guy if you know him and a true mentor, knowing that he’s a full-time teacher (in an international school in Bangkok) makes his workshop more upbeat and efficient – the reason why people are coming back for more. The experience they get from each and every workshop is very different from one another. For the  patrons it’s not just about learning photography but a camaraderie that leads to a good relationship with Manny and the crew. Definitely there will be more workshops to come and I’ve heard that a book will be publish soon, better watch out for that. This workshop was organized by the hard working  Team of Walls and Frames in cooperation with MOE.

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Manny Librodo Boudoir Singapore 2013 - Video

Manny Librodo’s Boudoir Singapore 2013 – Video

Manny Librodo Boudoir Singapore 2013 - Vimeo Version

Manny Librodo Boudoir Singapore 2013 – Vimeo Version

Manny Librodo Boudoir Singapore 2013 - Facebook Version

Manny Librodo Boudoir Singapore 2013 – Facebook Version

Manny Librodo Boudoir Singapore 2013 – YouTube Version


Manny Librodo Experience Reload 2011

Manny Librodo Experience Reload 2011

Manny Librodo Experience Reload 2011

F8 Events is proud to present a Manny Librodo Workshop in Singapore (The Many Librodo Experience Reload) on the 17-18th of September. There is a Limitid number of spaces open so please make your reservations. Only paid and registered users will be able to secure a slot. If you have any queries or problems making payments please contact Lotta at +65 81380848 or “”. We are planning for a beach location at Sentosa but as you all know the wheather in Singapore is not to be trusted. Alternate locations are planned for.

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Manny Librodo – Fashion Photography Workshop

Who is Manny Librodo?

I know little about his background but all I know is this guy started from humble beginnings. Grew up in Lambunao a small town in Philippines having only a point and shoot camera and few Airline magazines for inspiration this fella’ manage to make it to be one of the best known photographers in the international scene.
Photo by: Manny Librodo
One of my personal favorite is his Rosalinda series. He just captures her emotions and gives it back to you so hard your heart will stop beating for a moment.  Continue reading