The Deceived - Memphis May Fire Live in Singapore (Vimeo) Video

The Deceived – Memphis May Fire Live in Singapore 2013

The Deceived - Memphis May Fire Live 2013 (YouTube version)

The Deceived – Memphis May Fire Live 2013 (YouTube version)

Best viewed in full 720p HD!!! Mobile version NOT available due to YouTube restrictions!!!

For less restrictions view the Vimeo version:

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MxPx All Stars

MxPx All Stars @ YMCA International Auditorium Singapore

MxPx All Stars @ YMCA International Auditorium Singapore [click image]

It’s been a while since I’ve watch another punk rock concert. I remember the last time was Sick Of It All and NoFX with King Ly Chee and Stompin’ Ground way back on 2008. Shooting this gig is a blast! Another quality concert from Reconstrux Booking Singapore. Special shout out to Jai of the Lion City hardcore band Overthrown for organizing this concert.

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Intolerant – Carnival Of Chaos 3


Carnival of Chaos 3 feat. Intolerant Live @ The Actors Bar Singapore

Intolerant – from the ashes of Skychurch rises a new brutal threat. Hard hitting bass and blade slashing guitars will send you back into the dark ages.

Brutalizing the stage with:

Jinx ODA (Ph)
Saints with Sin (Ph)
Pariah (Ph)
Truth Be Known (Sg)
Fall of Mirra (Sg)

Visit my Flickr Photostream to see the complete set.

WOLFGANG Live @ Bay Beats 2011

It’s been almost 10 years since I saw their last show. I think it was at Soup Kitchen or something (way, way back). I’m not ashame to admit that I still have their albums in cassette tapes – Wolfgang (self-titled album), Semenelin and Wurm, unfortunately I don’t have last few albums but will definitely get the latest album – “Villains”. The venue is full of raging fans thirsty of pure Woflgang high-octane heavy metal fuel. The new drummer Francis Aquino proved himself worthy of replacing Wolf Gemora former drummer of the band by showing audience what a true beat master is all about.  At first the the sound is a bit sketchy but they picked-up the pace  after a couple of songs. All-in all I have no complains, it’s what we expect from a Wolfgang performance – heavy and raw . It’s the 2nd time I’ve seen Manuel Legarda shredding his guitar in Singapore but not with Wolfgang, last time is with another hard rocking band “Razorback”. He was introduces as the new lead/rhythm guitar for the band. Every Pinoy (almost) including me knows every words on every Wolfgang song, hearing everyone singing in chorus will give you goosebumps – It takes me back to my late high-school days and early college days. As expected there are lotsa girls everywhere! I guess more than half of the female crowd there has a dog or a kid named “Basti”. O man! (sigh) And every dude want’s to be like good ol’ Basti. His roaring heavy metal voice – a combination of Eddie Veder  & James Hetfeild gives life to the hard guitar riffs of Manuel Legarda, mixed it with pumped-up funky baseline of Mon Legaspi and thunder rolls of Francis Aquino surely Wolfgang is ready to eat you alive like a hungry pack of wolves in a thick forest of doom. Another awesome performance from the Pinoy Gods of Heavy Metal hopefully they will return for a full concert next year.

Wolfgang @ Bay Beats 2011

Wolfgang @ Bay Beats 2011 - August 21, 2011

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Philippines 113th Independence Day Concert

It was a rainy Saturday morning of June 11, 2011 my 1 year old daughter Kirsten woke me up by playing with my nose. The first thing that struck me was my concert assignment I’m afraid they might cancel the show ’cause the venue is an open area at East Coast Park (Singapore) and it was raining heavily on my area but on my almost 6 years of staying in Singapore that if it’s raining on the west cost it most likely not raining at the east coast. It gave me a hope that this special event will proceed according to schedule. I text every one I know performing and attending the event they confirmed that the show must go on.

KKK Philippines 113th Independence Day Concert 2011

It’s already been 113 years? Wow! I have lost track about how many years. My question is independence from whom? The Monarchy of Spain? The US bases? or The Japanese? It’s also quite sad how we celebrate independence day  –  the day the foreign invaders  leave the country but here I am spending most of my life abroad.  Enough of that sentimental mambo jumbo. Continue reading

Cruel Hand – 100% Hardcore

Hardcore punk with crossover trash is is the thing of my favorite bands like Cro-Mags, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles (DRI) and Suicidal Tendencies (okay I know you guys will think I’m freakin’ oldschool) but Cruel Hand is top on my favorite list. Songs like “Dead Weight” makes you wanna stomp your feet until the ground breaks and the song “Under The Ice” every body screams “Get up!!!” – youth crew style. Few songs from the new album “Lock & Key” unleashed new inspiration to all hardcore fans who mosh, tumble and slammed until *Scape Lab is just a pile of rubble – kidding just a figure of speech. Both front-man Chris of Cruel Hand and Kurt of Straight Forward have something in common – both have Filipino mums – what are the chances of that? Did the promoters knew? Nah it’s just probably coincidence. I’m always proud to see Pinoys making a difference specially on the hardcore scene.

“Cruel Hand”
Vocals – Chris
Guitar – Nate
Guitar – Sam
Bass – Seger 
Drums – Derek
Opening Act

June 8, 2011 – Seen familiar faces on the crowd from the past few hardcore gigs. It’s a week night so I expected not a lot of crowd but in my surprise the venue is almost filled up with raging hardcore fans and bands trying to get a piece of hardcore fix. The show was opened by local favorite Straight Forward brutalizing everyone in the crowd with powerful vocals and lyrics preached by Kurt a half Filipino, half Italian Singaporean and backing him up the symphony of destruction made by musical talents – Nerd on bass, Danila & Fhamy on guitar and beat maker Naem. They look like regural dudes but they are freakin’ brutal. As usual it was a great performance. For exif info of the photos visit my flickr photostream. Continue reading

A Strength Within – Live & Raw

A lot of people think that hardcore is dead sadly the ones who started the scene thought so (You know who you are) but they’re all wrong. Sprouting from Belgium the northernmost part of Gaul (somewhere in Europe) a band named “A Strength Within” possesses raw hardcore sound the same sound of the hardcore bands we’ve love from Agnostic Front, Strife, Madball, Earth Crisis, Ratos de Parao, Cro-Mags and more (a lot to mention). A lot of bands now a days change their sound to get into the band wagon. From Hardcore to Post-hardcore to even Metalcore. Why the sudden change of musical style? It’s all about demographics baby! It’s where the money’s at. There is nothing wrong with that (there’s always room for progress) it’s just a brave move to all aspiring hardcore bands out there to join the hardcore movement were money is out of the question ‘coz their ain’t no money in hardcore.

“A Strength Within”
Mike Nijs – Vocals
Kevin Nijs – Guitar
Yves Wils -Bass
Tom Overloop – Drums

This is pure D-I-Y no bull brotherhood. You wanna make it to the top you have to work from scratch no major label backing you up. You’ll be your own manager, you’ll do the merch, the sound checks, the bookings and you have to do your own advertising. It does’nt matter how many kids come to the show as long as they give their ALL – that’s the true essence of hardcore. Continue reading

Concert Photography – Switchfoot Live in Singapore 2011

IntroductionI’ve been waiting for them to perform here in SG and I wouldn’t miss to cover their live performance. I was blessed to take part on this wondrous event and I still feel the Switcfoot fever until now. Switchfoot has always been an inspiration for me, their music uplifting my morale in times that I’m very down. I’ve always been a fan of X-tian rock/metal music namely Relient K, Pax 217, Pillar, POD, Thousand Foot Krutch, Superchic[K], Sanctus Real and many more. It’s always good take a break from my usual genre of music which is hardcore-punk and metalcore but it’s all good, music is music and it’s for everyone to share regardless of religion and genre. Although Switchfoot doesn’t claim that they’re a X-tian rock band, their music is somewhat related to it – lyrics of up-lifting ones morale, giving hope or just plain chillin’ on a California breeze are the messages they bring to all the listeners. X-tian rock or not they are still one of the best acts in town and it’s a bummer to missed them perform.

“Switchfoot” Jon Foreman – Vocals, Guitar Jerome Fontamillas – Keayboard, Guitar, Tim Foreman – Bass Drew Shirley – Guitar Chad Butler – Drums

The Venue One major preparation I did is knowing the venue. Like in all mission it’s better to know the vantage point of the terrain were I can pin point the the spots where I can move around and do my thing. The venue is an auditorium (with seats) that can cater 1400 people not including the crew and artists. Lighting is okay I’ve experience worst but it’s not about  that it’s always anticipation of events and things to come (like Todd and Jared always say- love these guys). Must keep up with the artists jumping and running around. Don’t forget the jump shot – it’s the winning shot. Continue reading

Mosaic Music Festival 2011 Feat. Razorback

It’s bee a while since I last saw Razorback performed in Philippines. Seeing them in Singapore with their new line-up is surely exciting to watch. An amalgamation of Razorback and Wolfgang members. Manuel Legarda is not new to most of the hard-rocking Pinoys. He is well recognized as the lead guitarist of rock / metal band Wolfgang  and he’s a very welcome addition to the new line-up of Razorback. They still rock hard, everything you’d expect from the band and more! I regularly go to Mosaic Music Festival every year especially when a favorite band is on their schedule. Usually I just go and listen but this time I really want to capture the rawness of the band so I took photos of them in action. You will definitely bang your head and move you feet to the classic songs like “Payaso” and “Giyang” – songs from the LA-105 FM era. Razorback just never fails to ROCK!!!

Razorback Live & Raw

The lighting is not that bad considering it’s a free concert. I had the chance to get near the stage to shoot them with my trusted Nikon D700 equipped with a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8G VRII lens – a great combo for concert photography. It’s important to know when to use a tele-zoom  or a wide-angle lens (e.i. Nikon 16-35mm f4G VR or Nikon 24-70mm f2.8G) on a concert. Continue reading

Carnival of Chaos

Group of talented Hardcore, Death Metal, Trash Metal and Metalcore Pinoy bands in Singapore performed in one spectacular event. Joining them is local death metal band Fall of Mirra and Ian Tayao front-man of WilaBaliw and Queso (former Cheese)promoting their new album with album signing. Too bad I missed few bands ’cause me and my buddy Jay were stranded at Little India (whammy!) but it still was a blast!!!

It looks tempting when i first saw a concert photograph with bright lights and crisp colors so I one day decided to do my own concert photography. This is my first attempt My Flickr Photostream. It was harder than I though. I was using a Nikon D90 (APS-C cropped sensor) and a Nikon 55-200mm VR DX lens before (R.I.P. but they both served me well) and need to crank up everything knowing the 55-200mm has a floating aperture of F4-5.6 I don’t really know what the results might be. Thanks for the NIN good lighting budget I manage to get the job done or what others might say a “first-timers luck”. With luck, anticipation and the right gear you don’t have to worry about anything aside from the bouncers chasing you because photography is not allowed on the concert/gig or show so to avoid this hassle you should follow regulations or at lease be discreet about it (very hard if you attached a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 VR lens on your Nikon D3). Happy shooting!!!

All photos was shot in Raw format with Nikon D700 with Nikon 16-35mm F4G VR and Nikon 50mm f1.4G without the use of flash. Post-processed in Lightroom – adjusted exposure and white balance.

* To view complete album visit My Deviantart – Concert Photograpy.
“Five Minutes of Fame (with Ian Tayao)”