Photographers – A Dime A Dozen?

“Guilty as charged!” (photo credit to my wife Jenny)

Everyone wants to be a photographer either professionally, casually or just a hobby. Thanks to fast technological advancement, DSLR now are very affordable to everyone and the introduction of high-end Mirroless cameras made it more accessible – this shook the photography industry and rise eyebrows among pros and the purist, some say that Photographers (or even Videographers) now are “A dime a dozen” (hopping this claim ain’t true). Now-a-days you can see a lot of people almost everywhere with DSLR or a MILC hanging around their necks but the funny thing is that they don’t even know what’s a DSLR, PASM or even ISO stands for (Do they really have to?). I’m not being mean, it’s just a straight forward and honest observation. I’m not totally against any of that ’cause it’s everyone’s right to do what they want, whenever, wherever they want as long as they’re happy and not hurting anyone. Just for FUN’s sake let’s try to classify 12 different types of photographers. Continue reading

Novoflex – A Wonder Adapter with Video Test

Mama & Kae

Mama & Kae

Last time we went to the Zoo Kae is still very small and she did’t actually appreciate the animals there but now she knows almost all the names of the animals well at least all the characters of MADAGASCAR.

It was also an opportunity to put my manual focusing skills to the test. My Nikon D700 batteries where drained from my last interior photography shoot (very irresponsible of me) so I brought along my Canon 60D with my Nikon 24-70mm f2.8G lens and a Novoflex Nikkor G lens to Canon EOS mount adapter (whew that’s long). Continue reading

The Kubeta Workshop (TM)

The Kubeta Workshop

The Kubeta Workshop (TM)

From the organizers of whatever workshops such as “The Peephole”, “Voyeurism – I See You But You Don’t See Me”, “I Love Insects But I Don’t Sleep with Them”, “Underage Boudoir Photography”, “Nature Photography – When Nature Calls” and “Workshop 101 – How To Organize Your Own Workshop After Attending One” delivers a whole new approach in photography workshop. This workshop will include all the lessons from the previous workshops plus a VIP discount card for a strip joint of your choice.

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Digital Revolution – Photography and Arts

This Article is about my journey through digital surrealism. The learning process is limitless. The medium is vast and the options is as wide as the sea.

Composite image – A group of photos/images put together to form a surreal scenery or composition. Surrealism – works of art that feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non-sequitur. Images or photos that seems to be unreal and dream-like. Apply it to out digital era and you got “digital surrealism”. Now-a-days it’s easier to do such art pieces because of advance digital softwares that let you manipulate images with ease. One of the popular software is Adobe Photoshop which I’ve been using for more than a decade. This is my primary tool in making my composite images.  It’s been a while since I did such things, now I’m trying to merge two things that I love doing in one art project. Surrealism and digital photo manipulation is “a love it or hate it” kinda thing not all people will agree to this specially the purist photographers. Some will even say It’s not photography… It’s graphic arts. Okay maybe both. Try telling that to Alexander Rodchenko (Russian Photographer) and he’ll smack you in the head. He is one of the pioneers in incorporating photography in graphic design. He is not your typical graphic artist that creates everything in photoshop ’cause there is no photoshop yet on 1920’s. He does everything manually. Most of his work became the mark of the Russian revolutionary movement. Okay where am I going at? Combining graphics and photography is not just a fad but has been here for quite some time – decades… even centuries.

Conventional – Digital

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Audiophile & Sennheiser Product Shot

Note: This is not an official audiophile review but rather a simple sharing of my own hi-fi sound loving experience. To make things a bit interesting I mixed this article with a basic easy-to-do info of product photography. Enjoy reading!!!

Audiophile According to Wiki

An audiophile, from Latin audio”I hear” and Greek philos “loving,” is a hobbyist who seeks high-quality audio reproduction via the use of specialized high-end audio electronics. Audiophiles prefer to listen to music at a quality level that is as close to the original performance as possible using high-fidelity components. These specialized components include turntables, digital-to-analog converters, equalization devices,preamplifiers and amplifiers. Both high quality solid-state and vacuum tube amplifiers are used. The quest for audio perfection can also include horn loudspeakers or electrostatic speakers, power conditioners,subwoofers and acoustic room treatment.

My Audio Experience

I can’t really say I’m an audio junkie (maybe people have their own levels of addictiveness) but I know a thing or two about audio equipments thanks to may dad. He is the real audiophile in the family. He still have his audio equipments form the 80s’ and he listens to music louder than me (for realz). Let’s just say I’m a fan of good quality hi-fi sound system but not as hardcore to the point that I’ll buy audio equipments like turn tables, amps, speakers etc. (but I did buy an amp for my guitar) also because of my lifestyle I can’t manage all those things. Besides I need a bigger place to dump all of that stuff. So I’m referring to portable audio systems with high fidelity sound.  I have quite a library of CDs mostly songs or bands that you don’t usually hear on the radio with music genres including – Hardcore/Punk, Groove, Metalcore, Death, Grindcore, Rapcore, Punk, Ska, Emo, Indie, Energetic (dunno why they call it that), Hard Rock, Trip-hop, Hip-hop, R&B and a long list of genres. All of these are just round silicons with inlay cards and plastic cases without the right sound system and your iPod or MP3 player is as good as paper weight without the right headphones.
What I need to get my audio fix is a good set of headphones. I need my music when doing almost everything specially in my photography (it gives me motivation and inspiration). So what brand should I get to fill up my  sound wave addiction? Monster Beats? Sennheiser? Bose? Audio-Technica? Scullcandy? OK I have my prospects but what about budget? Definitely it’s one of my main concern. I need a hi-fi sounding headphones but my budget is limited. Some of you might think I’m either crazy or a cheapskate or both. Is there such a headset out there that can meet your sound expectations and limited budget? Believe it or not there is – Sennheiser is well-known for their hi-fi headphones, microphones and audio equipments and the good thing is they have a mid-range line-up of good quality hi-fi sound headphones for my active (or sometimes not so active) lifestyle.
The Headphones

"Sennheiser HD 448 - Taken with Nikon D700, Nikkor 16-35mm F4 VR, Nikon SB-900 triggered with Phottix Strato 4-in-1 radio triggers with Rime Lite mini softbox to soften shadows."
“Sennheiser HD 448 – Taken with Nikon D700, Nikkor 16-35mm F4 VR,
Nikon SB-900 triggered with Phottix Strato 4-in-1 radio triggers with
Rime Lite mini softbox to soften shadows.”

The Future of Photography – Plenoptic Lens Technology and More

Ever get tired of out of focus photos where the nose of the subject is clearer than the eyes or a portrait where the shoulder is sharper than the face? Imagine no more out of focus photos. You can decide which part of the photo you want to focus at. Sounds like science fiction right? Few of us know that the technology already exists. It’s just 3 months ago when my friend send me a link discussing the Plenoptic Lens Tecnology from Adobe, yes the maker of Lightroom and Creative Suite you can’t only just post process the exposure, white balance, noise, etc. but also the focus. Yup this is not a joke it’s real and it’s here.

Here’s a demo of how the thing works.

*Video courtsey of Laptop Magazine.

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Danbo’s Misadventures – Episode 1 (Pilot)

This is the first episode of Danbo’s Misadventures. I hope you’ll like it. If you do so leave a comment so I will continue doing the series. Thank you and happy viewing!!!

*All photos was shot with Nikon D700 and Nikon 105mm f2.8 Micro VR.

Another boring day at school.
Danbo: Why is this queue taking so long? Oh wait! Is that…

iPhone Replacing D-SLR?

“No way Jose!” definitely that will be your first reaction to the title or you might think I’ve gone bonkers but it’s really amazing how the guys from FStoppers pull this thing off more like “Photography Myth Busters”. This is just to prove that you don’t need a high-end camera to shoot stunning photos. Sounds naive? Yes and No! Why? Yes because there is no way to compare the image sensor of the iPhone on a let’s say the crappiest d-SLR in the market it will still pound the iPhone big time. And No because it’s true that achieving quality photos is all about lighting given that most cameras now a days have high megapixel count. We all know that the iPhone is considered a P&P (point and shoot) camera so it runs in automatic mode. It automatically tells you what shutter speed, aperture, ISO or EV to use depending on the scene well it’s not really about the scene it’s more on light availability in other terms its the way the camera meters the light. Sounds confusing? When its dark the auto system tells the camera to crank-up the setting to the maximum possible setting which most of the time is unusable because of grains and blurriness of the image that’s is why a lot of P&P users or digital SLR users set to “Auto” wonders why they shoot crappy photos. The way to trick the camera is to give it enough light to automatically set its value to the best possible setting. In this case the camera won’t crank-up the ISO, the EV, the shutter, aperture and you’ll end up with a nice looking photo. This was not explained on the video so… here you go. Surely it’s not up to par with digital SLRs but it’s another clever way of maximizing the capabilities of your iPhone. I forgot to mention they post process the final image to make it more appealing (Ooops!). So sit back and enjoy the video.

“The iPhone Fashion Shoot”

Video courtesy of FStoppers

So if an iPhone is capable of good photos what more for a more capable d-SLR. So know your settings very well. Master it! I say NEVER use “Auto” (the green icon on the mode dial) on your d-SLR learn the basics, be patient and you’ll be surprise on what you can do with your camera. Happy shooting!!!*This video was linked from “”. Check out their website you might learn a thing or two about photography. Cheers!!!

Mobile Suit Zack-Danbo


“Amalgam Zack-Danbo”

Another addition to my Danbo series of photos. I combined my Mobile Suit Zack with Danbo. Actually I just replaced the arms. We always see Danbo so cute and innocent here she’s fierce and awesomely tough (in a cute way of course hehe). “No more Mr. Nice Guy!” in Danbo’s case – Ms. Nice Gal.

Old Chucks

I was browsing my files and came across this photo. This was taken almost 3 years ago by my wife with my Fujifilm FinePix S602Z Pro bridge camera. I did a vintage touch to it to make it more nostalgic. The dry leaf is just a bonus element on the whole composition. This is just to prove that primitive digital cameras can take awesome photos as well you just have to utilize it properly. You wouldn’t believe that I used a 3.1 mega pixel Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P52 on product shots for a catalog few years back. Don’t under estimate the power of “point and shoot” – I know it sounds naive but it worked for me. I might post the catalog here someday.