Agnostic Front Asian Tour 2018 (SG)

Roger Miret’s distinctive voice and lyrics will definitely ignite the angst within your heart.

At long last the hardcore band I’ve been waiting see all my life has arrived. Oh yes they arrived with force, New York Hardcore style!!! We’re talking about the the band that started it all, whether it’s hardcore punk, oi punk or crossover they’ve done it all.

Agnostic Front is:

  • Vinnie Stigma – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Roger Miret – lead vocals
  • Mike Gallo – bass
  • Pokey Mo – drums
  • Craig Silverman – guitar, backing vocals

Mike Gallo

Vinnie Stigma

Pokey Mo

Craig Silverman

The Moshpit

It’s not an HC show without the “Jump Shot”

Roger Miret

Hardcore is not all about angst, it’s also about peace.

Pokey Mo

Mike Gallo


“The AF Set List”

This concert was organized by Street Noise Production (SG). Thanks for making this event possible. To check the whole photo album visit my Flickr page. I use both Nikon and Canon DSLRs and lenses to shot this show. If you like what you see here kindly, like, comment or even share. Thank you and see you on the next post.

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