Anti-Flag Asian Tour 2016

“Chris is flying!!!”

This is one of the band I’ve been waiting all my life to see live… and I did thanks to the awesome people of Street Noise Singapore they’ve brought one of my favorite punk band of all time. Here are some of the photos and video of the live event. ANTI- FLAG LIVE VIDEO

One of the most awaited live punk performance of 2016 in Singapore. Anti-Flag is not just a punk rock band but also active protesters along side the band Rage Against The Machine, and they also support political organizations such as Democracy Now! and PETA.

Anti-Flag is:

Justin Sane – Vocals / Lead Guitar

Chris Barker – Bass / Vocals

Chris Head – Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals

Pat Thetic – Drums

Film and Edit by: KG


“Justin joins the crowd.”

“Justin’s heart-felt lyrics is just awesome.”

“Pat Thetic’s point of view”

“Pat doing his thing.”

“Chris giving the crowd a piece of his mind.”

“All hail Justin Sane.”

“Justin leads the vocals and leads the guitar as well.”

“Chris giving some rhythmic strings.”

“Small space, huge crowd, that’s what punk is all about.”

“The crowd surrounds Chris while doing his monologue.”

To view the complete photos with Exif info visit my Flickr album ANTI-FLAG Asian Tour 2016.

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