Earth Crisis Asian Takeover 2017 (SG)

The Godfather of Metalcore!!!

The Metalcore scene is not possible without the founding father – Earth Crisis. I’m not fond of labeling music genres but basically it’s hardcore but more heavy and metal, if it makes any sense. This band is one of my inspiration when I was in college (until now), they’re discography is still on my iTunes music list. The Victory Records Era is one of the exciting years in the hardcore and punk scene. With likes of Snapcase and Strife they took the hardcore scene by storm. It also started the “Straight Edge” vegan movement as a lifestyle and later on as a hardcore sub-genre with lyrics emphasizing on advocating animal rights and anti-global warming sentiments. As time goes by the Metalcore style music has change to the more melodic sound that we here today. If you really want to here Metalcore on its purest form pick-up the album Firestorm and  listen to Earth Crisis now!!!

Earth Crisis is:

  • Karl Buechner – vocals
  • Scott Crouse – guitar
  • Ian “Bulldog” Edwards – bass
  • Dennis Merrick – drums
  • Erick Edwards – guitar

EC came strong like a Firestorm!!!

Karl Buechner

Scott Crouse

Erick Edwards

Dennis Merrick

Not an HC show without the “Jump Shot”.

Everyone one wants to sing-a-long.

Erick Edwards

Karl engaging the crowd.

Dennis Merrick

James stepping in for Ian “Bulldog” Edwards.

Karl Buechner

The boys and girls that made this all possible. Thanks!!!

This concert was organized by Reconstrux Bookings (SG). Thanks for making this event possible. To check the whole photo album visit my Flickr page. I use both Nikon and Canon DSLRs and lenses to shot this show. If you like what you see here kindly, like, comment or even share. Thank you and see you on the next post.

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