Jed + Ayn – SixTenSeventeen

A save-the-date short film about love and coffee.

I was thinking of having a bit of a story on this video. Not the usual montage of suggestive romantic footage or the cutie couple shots we commonly see on “save-the-date” videos or any “prenuptial” sessions. Yes it’s still a cliche but still an interesting concept nonetheless.I wrote a draft of the script, send it to Jed & Ayn, they loved the idea and that was it. At the day of the photo/video shoot our time is very  limited so we (Me, Jed & Ayn) have to to make the best of every second. Me and my brother Ian (video assistant) just came from another BMX video shoot, settled on the hotel Jed had booked for us (that was about 2:00am), charged all my batteries and call it a day. The next morning we started shooting the gym scenes and photos around 6:45am. The scenes were straight forward but some scenes needed a bit of an effort from our love team so we ended up shooting some scenes more than anticipated. Mad props for Jed and Ayn to act-out the scenes despite the lack of acting experience ( to be honest they’re naturals). After that we drive 2 hours on our next location. I saw an old lady waiting for the bus. I was thinking of using her on the scene. I ask her permeation, she agrees, then we shot the “crossing the road” scene. I was hesitant at first because the sun is way too bright and the traffic flow is a bit fast for an old lady to cross. Good thing Jed and the old lady successfully made the scene in two takes. After that we moved to our next location to shoot the coffee scene and the formal attire. We spend the rest of the day there, unfortunately it started raining just before we’ve finished the final shot. I decided to take the remaining shots on the reception area. We packed up and went to the final location to shoot the “proposal” scene. It’s a restaurant just 30 minutes drive from our last stop. We ordered our dinner there and while waiting I took a couple of snapshots and quickly shot the final scene.

The whole process is very demanding but a very worthwhile experience. Can’t wait for the next photo/video shoot.


A Film By Kris Gironella


Glad You Came (Cover) – Boyce Avenue (Island/Global Talent/Mercury)
I’ve Been Waiting For You – Guys Next Door (SBK/EMI)
Count On Me – Bruno Mars (Atlantic/Warner Music Australia)
Endless Love – Diana Ross & Lionel Richie (Motown)

*All rights reserved to respective record labels.


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