Slapshock - CariñoBrutal‬

Slapshock – Cariño Brutal

A new take on the Cariño Brutal music video. This video has full of irony and gut twisting imagery through and through. It shows all the bu!!s#!t the Filipinos have to deal with every single day of their lives since the Spanish Era, World War II up to the present. Despite the regular bombardment of tragedy, natural disaster, heinous crimes, racial hatred, colonialism and corrupt politicians, the Filipinos can still wear a smile on their faces. Hope you like it, and if you do kindly share.

Best viewed in 1080p full HD!!!

Footage from Slapshock Live Performance of Cariño Brutal Singapore 2014

Filmed and Edited by: Kris Gironella

“Cariño Brutal” Music by Slapshock

Video contains copyright content from multiple sources.

History Channel
NOVA Channel
Al Jazeera
World War II Archives

All Rights Reserved for the respective owners.

Footage content:

World War II (Manila, Bataan and Leyte)
Ninoy Aquino Assassination
1989 Philippine Coup Attempt
Ampatuan Massacre
Mamasapano Clash
Haiyan Typhoon Aftermath (Philippines)
Ormoc Flash Flood
Bangsamoro (Mindanao Muslims)
Moro Islamic Liberation Front
Black Nazarene Festival in Quiapo Church
Semana Santa (Holy Week)
Rizalista Religious Movements
CCTV Footage
Rally Protest Footage

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