Alison @ 18 – Preparation Highlights (SDE)

Alison @ 18 - Youtube

Alison @ 18 – Youtube

It is a Filipino tradition to introduce a daughter to the public when she’s coming of age, a tradition that’s still practiced until today. On the Spanish era a “Debut” as we call it is only practiced by the “Alta Sociedad” which translates as high class society, a family will sell all their crops and poultry or even their cow just to make sure that the extravagant “Debut” celebration will push through.

On the olden times some high-ranking Spanish officials or a Mestizo (half Spanish, half Filipino) that is wooing a girl from a lower-class family will sponsor the Debutante’s 18th birthday celebration mainly to win the family or parents blessing, this the reason why everyone from the lower-class & the middle-class adapted to this Spanish custom.  Now-a-days a girl on her 18th birthday will just ask for an iPad, a car or a trip to Europe in exchange for this special occasion. It’s such a pity ’cause there is much more to this than just a “status symbol” or a mere part of the Filipino culture, it’s more of a gathering of family and friends, it’s all about good times and making new memories. A part of this tradition is to look back and reflect on how colorful and meaningful the Debutante’s life from being a baby to becoming a lady, come to think of it, it’s all worth the meticulous preparation and the hassle of organizing a big event. To keep the value of this Filipino tradition, think of it as thanks giving rather than a superficial Spanish custom. Hope you like the video. Cheers!

Alison @ 18 - Vimeo

Alison @ 18 – Vimeo

Special thanks to the Honrado family, ProSG and to all the people involved in this wonderful event. It’s always nice to inspire and to touch peoples hearts through photography and multimedia – one good reason I still love my job. If you like what you see kindly like, subscribe, comment, whatever it is just gimme some love. Peace out!

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