Korn – Singapore Rock Fest 2014

The comeback of Korn’s guitarist Brian “Head” Welsh

March 5, 2014 is a very special date for me and for most people who lived on the mid-90’s which is my college years. Korn and White Zombie were the main feature on MTV’s Headbangers Ball and on Beavis and Butthead. Maybe most of younger ones doesn’t know the significance of Korn and White Zombie in the scene, they revolutionized (or modernized) Metal and brought Metal to the mainstream. Some might think this was a wrong move from them ‘coz these two juggernauts of Nu Metal have a very strong underground fan base before they became “Rock Stars”.

I guess they don’t need much exposure (or maybe just a few) just one song from the radio and you’ll ask yourself “What the f**k is this music? (then a pause) It’s f**king awesome!!! Yeah it sound different from the usual metal we used to hear. It’s catchy but at the same time it’s brutal and heavy so what is it? Then the so-called authority of music we “Media” labeled it Nu Metal. We’ll I can say that Korn sounds like Serial-core  if you’ll ask me ‘coz most of the message and lyrics  is about an abuse child getting back on the perpetrator and most abused children were likely to become serial killers. If you’ll make a movie about Korn it’s more like a Revenge Movie. It feels heavy and unbearable but in the end you’ll feel awesome. Same feeling when you’re watching Dexter the TV series. I Still remember my college Journal with cut-outs from magazines and the main cover is Korn and at the bottom is Soundgarden and Alice in Chains and on the spine is Sharon Stone at her younger years (Hehe). This is getting long, hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking snaps of them.

Korn’s audience – Singapore Rock Festival 2014

Korn’s front man – Jonathan Davis – Singapore Rock Festival 2014

Korn’s funk man Fieldy – Singapore Rock festival 2014

Korn’s guitarist Munky – Singapore Rock Festival 2014

Korn’s Tour Drummer Zac Braid – Singapore Rock Festival 2014

Head Welch - Singapore Rock Festival 2014

Head Welch – Singapore Rock Festival 2014

Munky – Singapore Rock Festival 2014

Feildy – Singapore Rock Fest 2014

Korn – Singapore Rock Fest 2014

Head with his dreads flying around – Singapore Rock Fest 2014

Munky getting low – Sinagpore Rock Fest 2014

Feildy getting freaky – Singapore Rock Fest 2014

Jonathan with the bag pipes – Singapore Rock festival 2014

Munky dreads all over the place – Singapore Rock Fest 2014

Head doing his thing – Singapore Rock Fest 2014

Jon Davis – Singapore Rock fest 2014

Head – Power to The People!!!

Feildy estatic with his strings – Singapore Rock Fest 2014

To view the complete set click the image bellow. You can also check out the EXIF info of the image. All photos were shot with Nikon D700, Nikon 16-35mm F4 VR and 70-200mm F2.8 VR II.


Click the image to view the complete set.

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