Kirsten Jae – Natural Backlight

Kirsten Jae – Playing with her ears

My daughter Kirsten Jae is one of the hardest subject I’ve ever shot. She is never still like the Energizer Bunny. I think she hates the camera. Whenever she was told to look at the camera, she do faces or shake her head to purposely blur my shots as if she knows that my shutter speed is low and my aperture wide-open. Seems like she is mocking me that I would never get her pretty picture. So I waited hang around with her while the camera is on my side, waiting for the right moment to strike like a lion stalking a gazette – That is a good metaphor. The glow coming from a morning sunlight gave it a fresh innocent looking effect. Hope you like the photos. Cheers!

Kirsten Jae – Playing with fingers

This was not intentional. It just that the shirt was too big for her size but she wears it anyway because of the Minion character on the print which is not seen on the photo.

Kirsten Jae – Close Up

This is not the sharpest photo of the bunch but hey better take a blurred one than never to have the shot at all besides I was shooting at F1.4 (lame excuse – wink!). All photos was taken with a Nikon D700 and a Nikkor 50mm f1.4G. To view the high resolution images and exif info click here.

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