Kae's 3rd Birthday Celebration

Kae’s Third Birthday Bash (Video)

Kae's 3rd Birthday Celebration

Kae’s 3rd Birthday Celebration (Click image to watch video)

Best viewed in 1080p full HD!!!

Just a simple celebration and thanks giving for our daughter Kae’s 3rd birthday. We packed some loot-bags for the Kids at Kid’s Star Childcare Centre and a cake for them to celebrate. At home my wife set-up some balloons and also bought a cake ’cause Kae just love cakes and a party is not complete without it. Not sure though if she knows the concept of wishing after blowing the candles. I also cooked my special spaghetti “Jabee” style. It’s not really a party just a simple family dinner. I can’t really do a magic act for her birthday and I’m a very bad clown so I guess this video is my gift to her. We love you Kae. Happy 3rd birthday to you!!!

 Kirsten’s 3rd Birthday Celebration

Film and Edited By – Kris Gironella

Organized By – Jenny Lopez Gironella

Starring – Kirsten Jae “Kae” Gironella with Kid’s Star Classmates and Teachers

Presented By – Kangkarot Production and KrisGironella.Com

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