Overthrown – Never Again

Overthrown - Never Again (YouTube Video)

Overthrown – Never Again (YouTube Video)

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Singapore’s very own Overthrown (Lion City Hardcore) just finished a music video. Dedicated to all the loyal fans that’s been there since the beginning. This song is from the self-produced album “As It Is”. This video is also in preparation for their album launching this coming July 2013. Almost 2 decades of in-your-face hardcore and they’re still killing!!! Continue reading

Brutality Will Prevail – Welsh Hardcore in Singapura

Brutality Will Prevail

Brutality Will Prevail – Members: LOUIS, NICK, ASH, MARC and JORDAN

This Cymry (Welsh) hardcore band has been brutalizing youths all over the world since 2006. The quintet have spent the past few years furiously grinding the underground in the truest D.I.Y. spirit imaginable. Self-funding and self-releasing two full-length albums the 2006 “Forgotten Souls and 2010 “Root Of All Evil” and an 2011 E.P.”Sleep Paralysis”, The band have built up a devoted and crazed fan-base  both in Wales and mainland Europe, and rise to the top of road tours and shows, under the radar of the mainstream. Now with new album “Scatter The Ashes” they will take you on a new journey to brutality land.
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Asia Business Journal – Corporate and Interior Photography

Asia Business Journal (APBA) 2013 - MRID (Interior Photography)

Asia Business Journal (APBA) 2013

For me the true essence of “Portraiture” is getting the right emotion and the truthfulness of the subject – in that case how do you shoot a corporate portrait? It seems easy when you think of it ’cause it looks like a straight-forward bust-shot or just a full body shot… not exactly! Unless you’re taking an ID Photo then you can get away with that. You don’t wanna make the client/office staff looks like the next candidate for “Awkward-Family-Photos-Dot-Com”.

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