Two Minute Pancake

A boring Sunday afternoon just woke up from a nap and suddenly and urge to make a pancake video? What’s up with that? Maybe just a good opportunity to try my new Kamerar Slider and Dolly (2-in-1) before trying it on something more serious. It’s a good buy for what it can do. Build quality is superb something you wont expect from a China-made product but I can say this is an exception. Kamerar is an American brand (known for video rigs and equipment)  but to make cost a bit lower China is the best way to go and I’m glad they do. Hope you enjoy the short film. Try it on 1080p HD. Cheers!

“Two Minute Pancake”

Film By: Kris Gironella

Special Participation:
– Jay Lopez Gironella
– Kirsten Jae “Kae” Gironella

Music By: Kevin MacLeod “Easy Lemon”

Gears Used:
– Canon EOS 60D
– Nikon 50mm F1.4G
– Nikon 105mm F2.8G Micro VR
– Novoflex EOS to F Mount Lens Adapter
– Kamerar Slider and Dolly
– FotoPro MGC 584N Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit

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