Novoflex – A Wonder Adapter with Video Test

Mama & Kae

Mama & Kae

Last time we went to the Zoo Kae is still very small and she did’t actually appreciate the animals there but now she knows almost all the names of the animals well at least all the characters of MADAGASCAR.

It was also an opportunity to put my manual focusing skills to the test. My Nikon D700 batteries where drained from my last interior photography shoot (very irresponsible of me) so I brought along my Canon 60D with my Nikon 24-70mm f2.8G lens and a Novoflex Nikkor G lens to Canon EOS mount adapter (whew that’s long). You might be wondering how the heck did I changed the aperture settings on the Nikkor G lens (G means no aperture ring)? The Novoflex has an aperture switch on it. Yey!!! But no focus confirmation chip which is fine – with a good set of eyes and very steady hands my focus will be dead on. You can judge from the photos and video if I got it right. One thing’s for sure it’s not that easy specially when shooting with the aperture wide open ’cause one slight move and the focus is off or set the aperture to the narrowest and put everything in focus. Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it.

Novoflex Adapter 

The adapter has a simple but brilliant mechanism. The blue latch serves as the aperture switch. The red dot is use for guide in installing the adapter. Mind you that there are no aperture markings just 4 levels of aperture from narrow to wide and no focus confirmation chip. I think other brands carry the confirmation chip like “16:9” but it cost a bit more than the Novoflex. Installing the adapter is also a breeze, it has a very sturdy built quality and made in Germany. I don’t feel any play when it’s in place and that is called German precision (applause). It’s worth every penny.

My video setup with Kae on the background.

My video setup with Kae on the background -Shot with iPhone 4s.

More Sample Photos

Kae @ the White Tiger Pit

Kae @ the White Tiger Pit

Mama @ The Elephant Show

Mama @ The Elephant Show

Mama & Kae @ The Elephant Show

Mama & Kae @ The Elephant Show

Kae Having A Treat

Kae Having A Treat

Sample Video – A Moment with Kirsten Jae

Note: Photos were only color corrected on Adobe LightRoom no plugins or heavy manipulation used whatsoever. I used adobe AfterEffects and Premium Pro to edit the video.

For more info about Novoflex visit:

To check the whole photo set and EXIF data visit:

And for more about Photography, Video and Design visit:


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