Digital Revolution – Photography and Arts

This Article is about my journey through digital surrealism. The learning process is limitless. The medium is vast and the options is as wide as the sea.

Composite image – A group of photos/images put together to form a surreal scenery or composition. Surrealism – works of art that feature the element of surprise, unexpected juxtapositions and non-sequitur. Images or photos that seems to be unreal and dream-like. Apply it to out digital era and you got “digital surrealism”. Now-a-days it’s easier to do such art pieces because of advance digital softwares that let you manipulate images with ease. One of the popular software is Adobe Photoshop which I’ve been using for more than a decade. This is my primary tool in making my composite images.  It’s been a while since I did such things, now I’m trying to merge two things that I love doing in one art project. Surrealism and digital photo manipulation is “a love it or hate it” kinda thing not all people will agree to this specially the purist photographers. Some will even say It’s not photography… It’s graphic arts. Okay maybe both. Try telling that to Alexander Rodchenko (Russian Photographer) and he’ll smack you in the head. He is one of the pioneers in incorporating photography in graphic design. He is not your typical graphic artist that creates everything in photoshop ’cause there is no photoshop yet on 1920’s. He does everything manually. Most of his work became the mark of the Russian revolutionary movement. Okay where am I going at? Combining graphics and photography is not just a fad but has been here for quite some time – decades… even centuries.

Conventional – Digital

Oldschool works from 1999-2004

Here are few of my oldschool works from 1999-2004. I use to do acrylic painting on canvas as a hobby but stopped after I was introduce to the digital image software like photoshop and illustrator. I’ll try to find time to paint on canvas again someday (Sigh). I can’t find the High resolution images but will keep on searching then I’ll update the images.  For the time being I’ll put the low-res images just for reference. What’s the relevance of showing these stuff? It’s my roots so I shouldn’t be ashamed. Besides everyone has it’s first time.

conventional art“Conventional Art”
        These are few photos of my art work that somehow I manage to salvage.
digital art“Digital Art”
What you’ll see here is a departure from what I usual do as a multimedia designer this is not examples of my usual graphic designs & these are almost a decade old. These is my goofy side. Hehe

Digital Photo Manipulation (present works)

Looking back I’ve notice a lot of changes in ways of doing art but the goal is the same. We use photoshop as a toll not a programe to make us better photographers or graphic designers. Here are few of my current work I may say a comeback to my old passion but now my canvas is replaced with a monitor and a pen tablet but bare with me please these are raw stuff and still have space for improvements. Hope you enjoy it.



This is from one of Manny Librodo’s photo sessions in Singapore. The actual background were two big red doors from a Chinese Temple. I find it to common so I need to improvise but that is not my main purpose in changing the photo. At first glance I knew that I’ll make an arabian scene out of it but I have no idea that it will end up as intense as this scene. I’m glad I did.

Flight of the Flamingo
Flight of the Flamingo

This photo was taken from the Manny Librodo & Rocky Gathercole photo sessions. Actually this is a behind the scene photo of Manny Librodo in action. Sorry Manny I masked you out of the scene and replace you with these weird-looking flamingos. Hehe.

UnContained ver. 1.0

UnContained ver. 1.0

This “UnContained ver.1” is my first try for many years of no painting and surrealism in my work. It’s not much but it’s a start of something new or can I say a rebirth of an old passion.  Someday I will look back at this work and see how far I’ve improved.

Final Notes

No matter what medium we’re using the important thing is we set out goals and try to finish what we’ve started. Conventional or digital art both are expressions from the heart that should not be contained. Keep what you’ve learned in art school and apply it in a digital point of view or experiment with it. The technology is here why not use it. To view high resolution images and exif info visit My Flickr Photpstream.

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