Groundforce 2011 – Round 3 BMX Flatland World Circuit

Every flatland rider in Southeast Asia or even around the world knows about Groundforce and the BMX Flatland World Circuit headed by Yasuyuki Takeo. It’s been almost 4 years since the last (Moto) Groundforce – it was one of the best experience I had. Meeting with other riders I only see on magazines and videos. Seeing them in person is like a shock to me – in a good way. I become more motivated in riding. And I did ride harder after a long time of no riding (almost 3 years from 2002-2005) ’cause I was busy pursuing my career in multimedia design. I can still remember the last Groundforce and it was indeed a wondrous day. I was using a Fujifilm 602Z Pro bridge camera and it was may precious possession that time (and an Aresbykes Dita frame). Without the 602Z I wouldn’t be able to learn the things I know today in photography.

Groundforce 2011

Groundforce 2011 @ *Scape Warehouse

*Scape Warehouse

Lot’ s of riders from experts to pros were filling up the venue. The atmosphere is awesome the same feeling when I fist saw Grounforce way back 2007.  There is enough lighting on the venue but not enough to freeze action so I have to use flashguns and crank up my ISO. Me and fellow riders and photographers Anton Tang, Chee BP and Jonathan Danker set-up few flashguns w/ light-stands around the riding area even we though have different flashes good thing we same wireless triggers. We both use Phottix 4-in-1. So far the triggers worked just fine without any misfires.

The Riders

Expected to grace the event is Matthias Dandois Pro-class 2nd placer from France, Dominik Nekolny straight-edge rider from Czech Republic and lot’s of Japanese rider including the Pro-class 1st placer Moto Sasaki.  List of my favorites are Yuhei Uchino (3rd place Pro-class), Takahiro Ikeda, Hiroya Morizaki, Jean William Prevost (Canada) and of course Renz Viaje from Philippines. Long time friends in the scene also compete like, Paktam, Botak, Matmas, Jean Francois (Canada), Calvin Tan (SG/Organizer), Rabbit “Kung-Fu Master” (SG),  Anton Tang(SG) and Shintaro Misawa (Japan). There are Japanese riders everywhere! – Japanese invasion again? Yes! They are very innovative in BMX flatland. Came to judge is my friend and one of the best flatland rider in the world York Uno but this time he is not behind the handle bar but behind the turn-table, Mike S. from Germany – another big name in the history of BMX flatland and lastly Hiroshi Uehara owner of 430 BMX components a reputable BMX company in Japan.

Here are few photos of the actual event and some of the practice sessions. The flash and camera were in max sync of 1/250, lens aperture is usually  F2.8-4 and ISO around 2500-4000. Flash is set on the widest zoom, exposure at 1/64- 1/128 light spread at the widest. Changing lenses between Nikon 24-70mm f2.8G and Nikon 70-200mm f2.8G VR II. I use the ultra wide angle lens on practice sessions and the tele-zoom on the actual competition.  Hope you like the photos.

Matthias Dandois - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class 2nd Placer (France)

Yohei Uchino - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class 2nd placer (Japan)

Yohei Uchino - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class 2nd placer (Japan)

Dominik Nekolny - Czech Republic

Dominik Nekolny - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class Finalist (Czech Republic)

Jean William Prevost - Canada

Jean William Prevost - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class Finalist (Canada)

Takahiro Ikeda - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class 4th placer (Japan)

Takahiro Ikeda - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class 4th placer (Japan)

Yoshihiro Shinde - Groundforce 2011 Finalist (Japan)

Yoshihiro Shinde - Groundforce 2011 Finalist (Japan)

Moto Sasaki - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class Champion (Japan)

Moto Sasaki - Groundforce 2011 Pro-Class Champion (Japan)

“It’s Moto-Groundforce once more!”


Definitely Moto-Groundforce once again. Congratz to Moto Sasaki for winning the the Pro-Class division. It’s been a blast seeing once again all my favorite riders all around the world competing in one awesome event. Probably this will be an annual event or another 3 years perhaps until the next Groundforce  occurs? Let’s wait and see. One thing is certain I will never stop riding and never stop shooting. Props goes to Yasuyuki Takeo a.k.a Green-G  Photographer of BMX Plus Magazine and BMX Flatland World Circuit founder also props to Shawn Lai and Calvin Tan of Aresbykes Singapore for making Groundforce 2011 possible.  Kudos to all riders who participated and cheered during the event.

Final Notes

To view all Groundforce 2011 – Round 3 BMX Flatland World Circuit photos visit my Flickr Photostream. All photos were take with Nikon D700, Nikon 24-70mm F2.8G, Nikon 70-200mm F2.8G VR II and Nikon Speedlight SB-900.  2011 All rights reserved. For you BMX riding needs visit – your friendly neighborhood online BMX shop.

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