Philippines 113th Independence Day Concert

It was a rainy Saturday morning of June 11, 2011 my 1 year old daughter Kirsten woke me up by playing with my nose. The first thing that struck me was my concert assignment I’m afraid they might cancel the show ’cause the venue is an open area at East Coast Park (Singapore) and it was raining heavily on my area but on my almost 6 years of staying in Singapore that if it’s raining on the west cost it most likely not raining at the east coast. It gave me a hope that this special event will proceed according to schedule. I text every one I know performing and attending the event they confirmed that the show must go on.

KKK Philippines 113th Independence Day Concert 2011

It’s already been 113 years? Wow! I have lost track about how many years. My question is independence from whom? The Monarchy of Spain? The US bases? or The Japanese? It’s also quite sad how we celebrate independence day  –  the day the foreign invaders  leave the country but here I am spending most of my life abroad.  Enough of that sentimental mambo jumbo. This concert photography assignment was not really granted for me but a group of photographers was granted the official photographers of the event which is not a big deal for me ’cause the president of RMS (Retribution Movement SG) Kit already booked me 2 months ago. Thanks to him I got the AAA badge to shot the event. Why is the badge important? If I shot without it lots of people specially from the organizers will question my presence on the premises and one more thing I will offend the official photographers assigned to cover the event. If I have the badge – “No questions ask!”. I also make sure that I don’t get in the way of the official photographers and if I accidentally did I have to apologize but because of the fast action sometime I forget so now I’m giving my apologies if my head, shoulder or any part of my body appeared on their photos. I tried to contact one of the organizers that’s the time I knew that some one will cover the event. This is important to me informing the organizers of my intent so I won’t feel like gate crashing or taking over the photography assignment. Ending is they love the photos and I glad they did.

The Photos

I didn’t expect the lighting to be good but guess what? It is better that I expected. Complete with strobes, lasers and smoke machine the lighting helped compose most of the photos. I have only one complain – the stage is too high so most of the shot were taken on a dogs-eye-view which is not that of a problem. I started shooting at almost 5:00 pm where the sun is still visible so I set my ISO from 1600-2400 which is not very grainy. Around 7:00 pm I need to crank up the ISO to 3500 which is still manageable. I always try not to go beyond this ISO setting because reducing noise is a pain. Usually the details will diminish drastically. All photos where taken with my Nikon D700, Nikon 16-35mm F4G VRII and Nikon 70-200mm F2.8G VRII without the use of flash. I only use flash on group shots or band shots but not during performance. Aside from blinding the artist with flash, it doesn’t look natural.

“Kit Perez of Pariah”


“Charles of Pariah”

“Pariah Drummer”

“Pariah Mix Master”

“Pariah Groove Maker”

“Ann Coyoca of XGF”

“Les Than of XGF”

“Chuck Buenaventura”


” Shylla Sandoval of XGF”

You can view the complete set  and the exif info at my Flickr Photostream. Hope you like this post. Cheers!

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