Deftones – Diamond Eyes Tour Singapore 2011

When I first saw the concert poster I almost peed  myself (yuck). My junior high heroes are performing in Singapore LIVE!!! I’ve been a fan since yeah high school (Jr. high) although my first Deftones album is “Around The Fur” I bought the “Adrenaline” album few months after. I have no means of buying the first album my allowance won’t allow me. When I went to college I have enough allowance to buy CD’s.  I found a copy of Adrenaline at CD Warehouse a record shop at Greenhills Manila and the price was ripped-off. I have no choice ’cause there’s only one copy so I hid it behind the sucky albums. A week later went back “yup still there” so I bought it. I have all of their albums except the rarities album I still find it expensive (please don’t call me cheapskate) that is how geeky I am. Been playing few of their riffs on my guitar but never manage to perform it on a live audience. On post college days I’m with a band that plays similar tunes but not exactly Deftones. I will not name the songs we’ve played that will reveal how corny we’ve been before. Moreno, Cunningham and Carpenter were skateboarders before they formed Deftones which is a good thing ’cause I myself is into extreme sports but not skateboards. Me and our vocalist are into BMX  so I can relate a bit on their history. It may not make sense to some but It make sense t o me. Before I post the photos here’s a brief backgound of Deftones.

“The Altar”
Taken with Nikon D700 and Nikon 50mm F1.4G. No Flash
Shutter speed: 1/20, Aperture: f5.6, ISO Speed: 3200
Eposure Bias: 0EV

From Skaters to Deftones 

When Carpenter was 15 years old he was hit by a car while skateboarding. This left him confined to a wheelchair for several months. It was at this point that he began teaching himself guitar by playing along to bands such as Anthrax, Stormtroopers of Death and Metallica. It has been reported that the driver paid Carpenter a cash settlement that allowed the band to purchase equipment, but drummer Abe Cunningham commented in an interview that this was “a myth about how our band was started.”

Carpenter, Moreno and Cunningham went to the same high school. They were childhood friends and remained friends through the skateboarding scene in Sacramento. When Moreno found out Carpenter played guitar, he set up a jam session with Cunningham and the three began playing regularly in Carpenter’s garage circa 1989. After playing with several bassists, the band settled on Chi Cheng and recorded a four track demo soon after. Within two years the band began playing club shows and later expanded their playing territory to San Francisco and Los Angeles where they played shows alongside bands such as Korn.While closing for another band in L.A., after the majority of the audience had left, the band impressed a Maverick Records representative. They were soon after signed to the label after showcasing three of their songs for Freddy DeMann and Guy Oseary.

The name “Deftones” was created by Carpenter who wanted to pick “something that would just stand out but you know, not be all cheese-ball at the same time.”Carpenter combined the hip hop slang term “def”, which was used by artists he listened to such as LL Cool J and Public Enemy, with the suffix “-tones”, which was a popular suffix among 50s bands whose music he also enjoyed (e.g. Dick Daleand the Deltones; The Quin-Tones, The Monotones, The Cleftones and The Harptones). Carpenter said the name is intentionally vague to reflect the band’s tendency to not focus on just one style of music. – band history courtesy of Wikipedia


Stephen Carpenter – guitar
Chi Cheng – bass guitar, backing vocals (currently in a coma due to a tragic car accident)
Abe Cunningham – drums
Frank Delgado – keyboards, samples
Chino Moreno – vocals, guitar

Sergio Vega – bass guitar (session bass)

The Concert

16th February 2011 Concert time 8pm – It’s a bit hard for me to take these photos because of the restriction of digital SLR in the concert. I was ask to stop taking photos by a bouncer (will discuss the details later) or else he have to drag me out. I did stop for a while then move on a different location and start shooting again. I would regret it if I did follow what the bouncer said but it’s a risk I have to take. Remember to follow rules. Don’t argue if you know you’re wrong. Be extra nice to the bouncers they might let you shoot photos or even get your tees and CD’s signed. Usually I inquire for press pass but unfortunately I was not granted so I shoot on stealth mode. I used Nikon D700 and Nikon 50mm f1.4G prime lens. How I wish I’ve brought my zooms but I have to make the best of what I got for the moment. I was also thinking that It’s the lightest setup I can bring on a crowded concert. Stealthy? Not very much but that was my bad. I got carried away with Deftones hypnotic sound waves I was bangin’ may head gently (while take photos)… did’t notice the bouncer was behind me, grabbed my shoulder and ask me to stop taking photos. I told him everyone’s doing why should I? He said just put the camera om my backpack let it stay there or else I’ll be forced to leave. That’s the whole story.

All photos taken with Nikon D700 and Nikon 50mm f1.4G. No flash.
Veiw the complete series on  My Flickr Photostream
Deftones history – courtesy of Wikipedia
All Photos by: Kris Gironella (except “Deftones Fan Photo”)
Deftones Singapore Fans
“Deftones Fan Photo”
Photo courtesy of LAMC Productions
Photo By: Aloysius Lim
View the official Deftones Diamond Eyes Tour photos here.

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