Manny Librodo – Fashion Photography Workshop

Who is Manny Librodo?

I know little about his background but all I know is this guy started from humble beginnings. Grew up in Lambunao a small town in Philippines having only a point and shoot camera and few Airline magazines for inspiration this fella’ manage to make it to be one of the best known photographers in the international scene.
Photo by: Manny Librodo
One of my personal favorite is his Rosalinda series. He just captures her emotions and gives it back to you so hard your heart will stop beating for a moment. 
“Kharunisia Jazmin”
Photo by: Manny Librodo
You’ll probably see her (Kharu) on most of Manny Librodo’s works. I don’t know the deal with this two but If  I’m on his shoes I will definitely take her as my model and shoot her 24-7.  You just can’t get enough of beautiful Kharu.
Here are few of Manny Librodo’s photography achievements

– Named by Scott Kelby as one of the world’s FIVE BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS IN 2009 (that you probably haven’t heard about)

– His photo of a little boy in Burma appeared in the cover of UNICEF’s (Geneva) Wall Calendar 2009. A regular contributor to UNICEF since 2007 for their calendars, postcards and other items.

– Second Most Popular Photographer at

– His picture of Rosalinda was made as a poster of an International Music Festival in Poland.

– 22 Million hits is

– has conducted workshops in many countries: US, Canada, Australia, Holland, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Hongkong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.

– has won countless competitions online and on print. Three time Grand prize winner in; Fisrt Place in Dusk til Dawn Category, POTY – Digital Camera Magazine; two-time Finalist Travel Photographer of the Year, TPOTY;

– endorser of Nikon Philippines, Columbia

-EPSON Pro – Epson Philippines

– He conducts one-on-one workshops in Bangkok Thailand (by request).

You can see most of his works at
Humble Words

“Initially, my love for photography was confined to just being a spectator of beauty. I like colors and patterns. I like displays of majesty and splendor. I like to experience unique cultures. All of these interests eventually led to travel and photography entered the mix merely as a means to document my journeys. At first I carried a simple point and shoot camera and always wanted to be in the picture myself. After all, how would friends and relatives know that I was there if I didn’t appear in the photo? So I posed whenever, wherever and however” – Manny Librodo

The Ultimate Workshop

This is a highly anticipated workshop in Singapore organized by Xilver Claire Events. Manny Librodo joining force with Rocky Gathercole – this duo surely is unstoppable. International Haute Couture Designer – Rocky Gathercole will travel all the way from UAE and will bring along his spectacular wardrobes and unique fashion styling. This will be the first collaboration of  Manny Librodo and  Kharunisia Jazmin (fashion model) with Rocky. A must see workshop of the year. Hope to see you there!!!
References: achievements from, humble words from
Workshop by: Xilver Claire Events
Poster Design Layout by: Kris Gironella
“Manny Librodo In Action” – courtesy of Jay Jallorina of

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