Natalia Taffarel – High End Beauty & Fashion Retouching Workshop


Some purist photographers might raise their eyebrows when others (including me) talks about post-processing in photography. Some say it’s graphic design not photography; some might say it’s against what they new about “natural” photography; some crazy people might say that it’s the way of the devil (just kidding) and the ranting goes on and on. Most professional photographers doesn’t do image retouching but their photo ends up on a poster, magazine or books retouched anyways (the irony of life). There are professionals that do the retouching or post processing for photographers like Natalia Taffarel and she is the best of what she does. Okay you might hate me for saying this but post-processing, retouching or editing your photos gives you and your photos identity (in a very distinctive way). Now we’re on the digital era a lot of competition out there who’s eager to pound everything that you can do and offer so instead of hiring a graphic artist/designer you have to do your own retouching, besides you don’t want your ugly photos ending up on the wrong hands do you? (hehehe). Enough of my babbling. I was ask to support a friend for this workshop and I believe that pros and new comers in photography and also graphic designers will learn a lot from this so I post it here on my blog. I, myself will attend on this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet Natalia Taffarel because I’ve heard that she seldom do workshops in Asia so wherever you are hope you could come!!!
The Interview
Learn more about Natalia Taffarel and how she started photo retouching from a hobby to a full blown career. I Admire people like her because most of what she does now are all self-thought. There is no special magic to this – it’s all about dedication and love of what you are doing.
Video courtesy of Calvin Hollywood Photography