iPhone Replacing D-SLR?

“No way Jose!” definitely that will be your first reaction to the title or you might think I’ve gone bonkers but it’s really amazing how the guys from FStoppers pull this thing off more like “Photography Myth Busters”. This is just to prove that you don’t need a high-end camera to shoot stunning photos. Sounds naive? Yes and No! Why? Yes because there is no way to compare the image sensor of the iPhone on a let’s say the crappiest d-SLR in the market it will still pound the iPhone big time. And No because it’s true that achieving quality photos is all about lighting given that most cameras now a days have high megapixel count. We all know that the iPhone is considered a P&P (point and shoot) camera so it runs in automatic mode. It automatically tells you what shutter speed, aperture, ISO or EV to use depending on the scene well it’s not really about the scene it’s more on light availability in other terms its the way the camera meters the light. Sounds confusing? When its dark the auto system tells the camera to crank-up the setting to the maximum possible setting which most of the time is unusable because of grains and blurriness of the image that’s is why a lot of P&P users or digital SLR users set to “Auto” wonders why they shoot crappy photos. The way to trick the camera is to give it enough light to automatically set its value to the best possible setting. In this case the camera won’t crank-up the ISO, the EV, the shutter, aperture and you’ll end up with a nice looking photo. This was not explained on the video so… here you go. Surely it’s not up to par with digital SLRs but it’s another clever way of maximizing the capabilities of your iPhone. I forgot to mention they post process the final image to make it more appealing (Ooops!). So sit back and enjoy the video.

“The iPhone Fashion Shoot”

Video courtesy of FStoppers

So if an iPhone is capable of good photos what more for a more capable d-SLR. So know your settings very well. Master it! I say NEVER use “Auto” (the green icon on the mode dial) on your d-SLR learn the basics, be patient and you’ll be surprise on what you can do with your camera. Happy shooting!!!*This video was linked from “fstoppers.com”. Check out their website you might learn a thing or two about photography. Cheers!!!