Voyage de la Vie

From their press release:

About the show

“Voyage de la Vie” or the “journey of life” is a story of a boy’s metaphoric journey, or a rite of passage before he becomes an adult.

Enter the world of the mysterious Lantern Keeper, the charming Crystal Cat and the mesmerizing Diva along with extraordinary inhabitants. Explore the journey of the boy on an adventurous search to discover his destiny. An unforgettable experience of magnificent sets, glamorous costumes and amazing circus feats awaits…

A circus theatre spectacular, the story is told through song and dance, combining with the energy, physicality and athleticism of circus arts, resulting in a contemporary cutting edge performance art form which fully engages the senses and keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The first circus theatre spectacular ever to be created in
Singapore, it presents an international cast of circus stars brought together from 16 countries.

To view the complete album visit My Deviantart.

“Victor Kee”
“As Round As…”
“Victor Kee 2”
“Jonathan Leong”
“Melanie Chy”
“Aurelia Cats”
“Pole Dancers”
“The Circle of Death”
“Confetti Means The End”

As a child I grew up with stories like “Never Ending Story”, The Wizard of Oz”, “Alice In Wonderland”, the recent “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “The Chronicles of Narnia” what do they have in common? – The protagonist/s somehow manage to escape the real world full of stress and great expectations to a world where everything is possible and the righteous always prevail. I always imagine myself on the same situation I just wish I could go to a different place in times of hardship and troubles but like the saying goes “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” for some reason I think it’s better that way.

This is my Voyage de la Vie series of photos. Photography is not allowed during the performance so I don’t encourage anyone to do so unless you’re as stubborn as me or you have proper authorization. I always keep my watch and be as discreet as possible but with the Nikon D700 it’s really hard to be quiet the mirror flips loud therefore I need intervals on my shots (not to catch any attention from the theater crew). Anyway I still manage to get the job done. Enjoy! Cheers!!!

To view the complete album visit My Deviantart.

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