Kae’s Christening

This is one of the happiest day in my life. Another special event on my daughter’s life and I’m there to capture it. Someday me and my daughter will look at this post and cherish each photo of her christening day. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing at the photos as much as I enjoyed shooting them. This is for Baby Kae. We love you so much!

“Give Me A Dose Of Holy Spirit”
“Ready For My Christening”
“Kikay Kae”
“Mama & Kae”
“Meg & Jen”
“Marissa & Jed”
“One Hungry Bunch”
My baby Kae’s Christening 11 September 2010 at St. Alphonsus de Legouri Chapel, Makati City Philippines. As you can see on the photos baby Kae is very cooperative and not shy. She seem to have a good chemistry with the lens.
*To view full album visit My Facebook or visit My Deviantart

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